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Disrupt, disorientate, fracture, rupture, clash, fail, crash, misbehave, behave, randomize, act spontaneous, use your brain, look for alternatives, move, question everything, go for ugly, invest time, reject, create silence, manifest, insert, divert, re-direct, re-position, re-evaluate, look up, turn away, hack, Bartleby, say NO, resist, trick, play, jump, reproduce, imagine, unite, be kind, consider, turn things around, and upside down.

Reject those cookies
Divert that package
Misspell that word
Randomize your thoughts
Go for the nearest neighbor
Don't use Google, OR
Use Google to trick Google
Use decoys
Pick blind
Fuck Amazon
Feed random letters to the search engine
Get lost
Use fate to navigate
Browse safe
Go incognito
Be loud
Be subtile
Use Wilfred
Question the system
Hack the system
Don't calculate the future
Imagine the future